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Dealers are open with contactless initiatives for you. Learn more

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More latest news & reviews

See More Latest News & Reviews

Dealers are open with contactless initiatives for you.

Australian dealers are open for business. At CarsGuide, we're making it easier for car buyers to see the array of contactless initiatives dealers are offering.

These include:

  • 1.  Buy online or over phone
  • 2.  Car home delivery
  • 3.  Car sanitising
  • 4.  Complimentary hygiene products
  • 5.  Intensive dealership cleaning
  • 6.  Practice safe distancing
  • 7.  Sanitised home test drives (adhering to any current laws regulating movement)
  • 8.  Staff wellness and isolation policy
  • 9.  Video chat
  • 10.  Walk around vehicle videos

IMPORTANT COVID-19 and CONTACTLESS SALE INFORMATIONS: Whilst CarsGuide been diligent to provide accurate and complete information about contactless initiatives undertaken by dealers, CarsGuide provides no warranties or representations regarding the safety, accuracy or completeness of such initiatives. Please confirm all contactless initiatives directly with the dealer. Further terms and conditions applying to CarsGuide’s listings are here.